Terms & Conditions

Windyway Kennels Ltd 
01625 422246 

Tariff and Terms from 10/12/2022  

and updated Prices from 01/04/2024 


Drop off/collection times; 7 days,  BY APPOINTMENT  9.00 am - 1.15pm and 2.30pm - 5pm  

Early or late appointments are available and are subject to an out of hours fee of £5.00  


All charges and terms are subject to revision at any time.  

One dog single occupancy £20.00  

Two dogs sharing £35.00 

Three dogs sharing £45.00 


If we need an additional handler for a pair or trio there will be a surcharge of £5 per day - as this may not be known in advance it will be added before checkout day 

Please read the following terms and conditions and give your consent by agreeing and digitally signing below.

The following activities are provided during your dog’s stay:  


All charges are payable on collection or prior to collection of the animal. 
Payment for the day of collection is waived if collected before 11.00am (except for one-night stays) 
There is a minimum charge of two days for one-night stays and the fee is waived for the collection date if collected before 11 am (except for one night stays)
We accept bank transfer, cash or credit/debit card (except American Express) and we must receive payment in full before releasing your pet. An invoice will be sent by email prior to collection. 

You must bring and collect your pet at the agreed appointed time to ensure there is only a single customer on the premises at any one time. 
Only dogs from the same household can share a kennel unit and they will be monitored regularly. Your consent also includes the authority to separate the dogs if there are problems. 
If you wish your pet to be collected by a friend or relative, we will need advance notice from yourself, and payment will still be required on collection. A pickup password can be set up. 

Dogs must be microchipped and must be wearing a snug fitting collar with i/d disc. 
Dogs may be exercised by students or approved volunteers unless you request otherwise.   

All dogs must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvovirus. 
Vaccination against Kennel cough is optional (recommended) and owners should take their vet’s advice. However, it should be given at least 2 weeks before entry to the kennels.  

We are unable to board any dog without proof of the above vaccinations being up to date, and we reserve the right to refuse admission to any animal which appears unwell on arrival.  

All animals must be up to date with flea and worm treatment. If we see any evidence of fleas, worms, ticks etc we will treat the animal ourselves and charge you for the treatments used.  

If your animal has any allergies to any medications or food, you must tell us. 
Any preventive treatment will only be administered with your written consent and under the direction of a vet.  

In the event of veterinary attention being required we will take your pet to your own vet (or to our local out of hours vet in an emergency) and you will be responsible for any charges incurred. We will take all necessary steps to contact the owner or the nominated emergency contact before taking the dog to the vets, however this may not always be possible in emergency cases. 
Any medications or prescription diets must be supplied by yourselves and will only be administered with your consent and in discussion with a vet.
Prescription diets and any medication must be supplied by you and medication must have the vets label with clear instructions on administration dose and frequency. We may make an extra charge for administration of certain medications or treatments.  

Windyway Kennels Ltd keep a record of all euthanasia, and the identity of the qualified vet that carried it out. The owner or designated main point of contact will be contacted to give consent. Unless imperative for the welfare of the dog, euthanasia will not take place until consent is given.
We provide *bedding and your choice of food but you may bring your own if you wish. 
Toys/ bedding etc are left at your own risk as we do dispose of heavily soiled or badly chewed items.   

Collection and delivery of your pet can be arranged at a cost of £7.50 plus £1 per mile travelled. 

If you do not collect your dog on the agreed date and we don’t hear from you, we will do our best to contact you using the details you leave with us. If we do not hear from you after 10 days, we will consider the dog to be abandoned and will put him/ her through our rehoming procedure under Windyway Trust.